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Artist's Statement (Spoilers)

Le Renard de la Patisserie is the kind of comic I've been wanting to do for a while. Though my typical manga style is still highly visible, Renard has a much lighter, sillier tone than my other comics. Chibi characters can be more commonly found, and the humorous, romantic moments aren't just breaks from the plot, they are the plot.

Shonen-ai comics (or those showcasing a male couple) have become wildly popular online, and the genre offers a chance to play with the standards of romance. For me, I found that it could be used for a fun twist on certain Shakespearean elements, and those were included in Renard. In the comic, almost everyone is leading some form of double life: Reynard the patissier is the Pastry Thief, Charisse is acting as an informant against her boss, and even Inspector Severin is hiding a secret: his unprofessional feelings for the crook he's chasing. On top of those disguises, unintended identity confusion makes things even more tightly wrapped: the public believes that the Pastry Thief is a woman, leading Severin to develop feelings for Reynard. Of course, Reynard ties our plot back into the shonen-ai genre: he knows that Severin is a man, and requites his affections nonetheless.

The art does admittedly have a rather sparse, naked feeling, due to the lack of shading or toning to round things out. However, a couple weeks is a very short amount of time in which to conceive, write and draw a brand new story with original characters. So though certain finishing options were out, I concentrated on the lineart itself, attempting to give it life through fluidity of line and the timing of the panel setups.

If you've found this comic online (instead of having it presented to you in my Intermediate Drawing class), then know that Renard isn't meant to be a continuing serial, just this one-shot. I wanted to mimic the feel of something episodic, but I already have a commitment to Evil Plan, which you can find here: http://evilplan.smackjeeves.com/

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